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Information about mental crises and illnesses

Mental crises and illnesses

Studying brings new challenges because starting your studies is also the beginning of a new phase in your life, and certainly filled with pressure and stress. But personal crises can also arise as a result of job transitions or other life changes. Each person processes stress in a personal way. If one or more stress factors exist, it is quite normal that each person reacts differently to them and is able to work under different loads.

Whether personal life crisis, high stress and strain or mental illness: Here you will find the first contact points and a FAQ on the subject of mental health.

FAQ mental health

Emergency numbers

Police 110, Fire department 112.

Nationwide telephone number for the medical on-call service (free of charge):
Phone: 116 117 (without area code)

The counselling service is available in Germany at
Tel.: 08 00/1 11 01 11 or 08 00/1 11 02 22

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