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ArbeiterKind.de - mentoring programme for the career entry

ArbeiterKind.de - mentoring programme for the career entry

Target group: 1. students in the last phase of their studies, graduates and young professionals.
2. professionals who would like to volunteer their support as a mentor

Objective of the programme:
Networking (1:1 mentoring) of students who are about to graduate or have already completed their studies with professionally experienced mentors from the ArbeiterKind.de network.

Description of the programme:
Interested students/graduates can use the registration form to provide information about their fields of study, career and support wishes. Potential mentors can provide information on their expertise and professional background. ArbeiterKind.de tries to link students/graduates with mentors as closely as possible to a regional level so that personal meetings can be held. In individual cases and after consultation, long-distance mentoring also takes place.

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Organized by: ArbeiterKind.de
Contact: Alexandra Redel
Phone: 0201-84389816; redel@arbeiterkind.de
Website: www.arbeiterkind.de; http://arbeiterkind.de/wir-unterstuetzen-dich/beim-berufseinstieg#Mentoring

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