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Achievements and Milestones

We would like to inform you about HHU's achievements and milestones in the field of diversity which are listed below.

Milestones by year

Date/ Month Diversity Dimension Achievement/ Milestone
19. May Diversity The HHU Diversity Award was presented for the third time on German Diversity Day. Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Pfeffer, Danielle-Christine Ebers and Caroline Ogechukwu Okoli were awarded.more information here.
19. May Diversity The Diversity Day Bazaar was held online for the first time. Fourteen institutions actively supported us.
28. October Education The diversity buddy program "1st Generation @HHU" has started the next round with about 20 buddy pairs.
Date/ Month Diversity Dimension Achievement/ Milestone

29. October


The brochure "Five Years Diversity Coordination Office" provides information on the most important projects of the Coordination Office since its implementation in 2015 on the initiative of the Vice Rector Pfeffer and is also a conclusion, as the cross-cutting issue of diversity will soon be located in the newly founded Heine-Center for Sustainable Development - Diversity, Environment and Health.

Click here to download the brochure (ger).

30. September


On September 30, the HHU's Diversity Steering Committee held a meeting, both digital and in person. Dr. Knoop, Director of the Equal Opportunities Group of the DFG, introduced herself to the Steering Committee with a keynote speech on the topic of diversity and the DFG.

10. September

Physical and Mental Abilities

On September 10, the BlindSquare app was officially introduced: an app for digital orientation for blind and visually impaired members of the HHU. By adapting the app to the HHU campus, it is now easier for students, staff and visitors to find their way around the university campus.

Press release and further information.

20. August Worldview and Religion/ Diversity

At the end of March 2020, the "Room of Silence" at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU) had it's ten year anniversary. The room had just been renovated: The walls had been freshly painted, new furniture had been purchased and the room had been set up jointly. From October 1st, 2020, the room invites you to stay and pause, to pray or meditate, to take a breath and let your soul dangle.

Press release.

25. June Diversity

At the end of June the Recommendation for diversity sensitive Education was published. The aim of the recommendation is to enable all students to participate successfully in the learning process and to support teachers with practical tips to further sharpen their diversity sensitive perspective. The Recommendation is available both as a print version in German and as a PDF download.

More information.

4. June


On June 4th, the Heinrich Heine University's Diversity Prizes were awarded for the second time. Laura Garcia Calderón (lecturers), Damon Mohebbi (students) and Tobias Koch (staff) were honoured. All three have dedicated themselves to the topic of diversity with particular commitment.
More information.

26. May



The 8th nationwide Diversity Day took place on May 26th. On the Instagram Account of the Coordination Office one could interactively participate in online actions of the Charter of Diversity. Over 100 people took part in a Diversity quiz via Instagram. [Due to the Corona Pandemic, events on campus had to be cancelled].

31. March


The end of the winter semester 2019/20 marks the anniversary of the start of the Diversity Buddy Program "1st Generation @HHU". A total of eight Buddy couples were accompanied over two semesters. The second cohort already comprises 12 Buddy pairs.

February Diversity

Since February 2020, all job advertisements at HHU have referred to the Audit 'Shaping Diversity' and the certification as a family-friendly university. The goal is to make HHU more attractive for all job seekers. After all, the HHU has set itself the goal of 'promoting the diversity of its employees'.


Date/ Month Diversity Dimension Achievement/Milestone
23. September   The Diversity Coordination Office now has its own Instagram account. Twice a week actions and news as well as events related to diversity at the HHU are presented at "@diversity.hhu".
10. September Diversity

The new HHU Volunteer Guideline was published. The new guidelines now make it possible to award an honorary certificate to committed students and employees of the HHU who, in their voluntary work, are dedicated to the benefit of the university and its members and relatives in a special way.

More information.

17.-18. June Diversity The Coordination Office Diversity offered a Diversity Training for interested employees and students of HHU in cooperation with the University Didactics.
04. June Diversity The Regulations of the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf for Protection against Discrimination in Compliance with the General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz - AGG) comes into force. More information.
20. May Diversity Dispatch of the first Diversity Newsletter. Hereby we will inform you irregularly by e-mail about news in the field of diversity at the HHU. The newsletter archive and the registration link can be found here.
18. May Diversity On 28 May 2019 the 7th nationwide Diversity Day took place and the HHU participated again! More information.
15. May Diversity On May 15, the Diversity Prize of Heinrich Heine University was awarded for the first time in the Diversity Steering Committee. The winners were Katharina Sternke-Hoffmann, Christof Neumann and Prof. Dr. Matthias Franz, who made a special contribution to the HHU as part of the diversity audit "Vielfalt gestalten".
More information.
08. April Education The Diversity-Buddy-Programme "1st Generation @HHU" started.
The Diversity Coordination Office will launch a new buddy programme at HHU starting during the summer semester 2019 . This programme is intended support first and second semester students who are the first in their families to take up university studies. It is intended that first and second semester students will be supported by their more senior peers.
More Information.
05. March Diversity

At the 5th Diversity Forum on 20 February in Berlin, Professor Klaus Pfeffer, Prorector for Strategic Management and Equal Opportunities, received the "Vielfalt gestalten" (Shaping Diversity) audit certificate from the Stifterverband on behalf of the HHU.
(press release)

Date/ Month Diversity Dimension


WiSe 18/19 Physical and Mental Abilities New course concept of the Department of Educational Research enters the practical phase - Following on from the successful service learning seminar on the topic of refugee assistance held since the summer semester of 2016, the Department of Educational Research and Educational Management started the diversity initiative in cooperation with the HHU Diversity Team in the winter semester of 2018.
(Press release in german)
06. July Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

"Toilets for everyone" at HHU. By rededicating some gender-specific toilet facilities to gender-neutral "Toilets for All", the HHU is setting a further sign of diversity and acceptance on campus.

(Press release in German)

04. July Sex and Gender

HHU celebrates the tenth anniversary of "my HEINE-WOMAN". On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, "Heine men" were also awarded for the first time.

(Press release in German)

28. June Education

HHU Program "Talents Welcome!" Berufskolleg Bachstraße is Düsseldorf's first official school regarding NRW talent scouting.

(Press release in German)

05. June Diversity

The 6th German Diversity Day of the Charta of Diversity was successfully celebrated by HHU on campus. In addition to an information bazaar and a diversity image campaign, which was very well received, a film evening rounded off the well-attended event.

(Photo Gallery and Impressions Diversity Day 2018)

(Press release in German)

23. April Physical and Mental Abilities

Central support for gifted students from daycare to university studies and careers in the "House of Talents". The existing municipal cooperation network is extended by cooperation agreements with the Heinrich Heine University, the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the Robert Schumann University of Music Düsseldorf.

(Press release in German)

10.-11. January Diversity

Internal diversity awareness training for HHU employees and students is established by the Diversity Coordination Office and the University Didactics.

08.-12. January Diversity The first Students' Union Awareness Week under the motto "diversity and tolerance" is held at HHU.

(Further information and videos)

Date/ Month Diversity Dimension


November Sex and Gender The President's Office of HHU has decided that there will be no longer any "Ms." or "Mr." designation on student ID cards, certificates, and any other official documents issued by HHU.
August Inter-/Nationality and Culture The Coordination Office for Refugees is established by the Student Service Center to coordinate all counselling, buddy and language course programmes for refugees.
May Diversity

The Charter of Diversity has been signed by the President and HHU is committed to a culture that is free of prejudice and appreciative of diversity.

(Press release in German)

May Diversity

HHU and the city of Düsseldorf invite to a film screening of "Moonlight" with a short lecture as part of the 5th German Diversity Day.

(Press release in German)

May Inter-/Nationality and Culture

As a member of the academic network "Scholars at Risk", HHU will support researchers and lecturers whose professional and personal lives are threatened by political persecution and war.

(Press release in German)

March Physical and Mental Abilities The "Academic Career Development Program", specially designed for academic careers, runs once a year.
March Education

"Talents welcome!" is the motto under which the talent scouting of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research is starting at HHU and the University of Wuppertal (BUW).

February Diversity The university politics department of the Students’ Union (AStA) gets extended by the main topics anti-racism/anti-discrimination and gender.
January Age and Generation The cultural and social program "GetConnected@HHU" for scientists and the research alumni program "StayConnected@HHU" are established by HeRA.
  Family Circumstance and Life Concept 4th successful re-application of the certificate "audit family friendly university".
Date/ MonthDiversity Dimension


JulyDiversityUnder the leadership of the Vice President for Strategic Management and Equal Opportunities, HHU participates in the diversity audit "Shaping Diversity" of the Stifterverband.
AprilInter-/Nationality and CultureThe program "UNI2JOB" - Career in Germany for foreign students is established by the International Office.
MarchAge and GenerationThe first "pART of Research Calendar" is created by HeRA from images of art in research of junior researchers at HHU.
JanuaryInter-/Nationality and CultureA tutor service for international scientists to provide personal advice and support on all questions relating to a stay at HHU prior to arrival, i.e. visa, finding accommodation, support in dealing with authorities, etc., as well as German courses was established by JUNO.
JanuaryAge and GenerationAn interdisciplinary qualification and further education program for postdoctoral researchers was establishment by HeRA.
Date/ MonthDiversity DimensionAchivement/Meilestone
DecemberFamily Circumstance and Life Concept

The "Study&Kids-Boxes" can be borrowed free of charge from the Family Support Centre by students with children.

OctoberInter-/Nationality and CultureHHU joins the association uni-assist. Certificates from foreign applicants with a positive evaluation by uni-assist e.V. are accepted by HHU without further examination.
OctoberInter-/Nationality and CultureWith the start of the winter semester 2015/16, HHU is able to offer asylum seekers interested in studying about 40 courses and two specially established language courses.
OctoberInter-/Nationality and CultureUnder the leadership of the Vice President for International Relations, HHU participates in the HRK audit "Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions". The process supports the university in developing a specific international profile on the basis of a detailed self-analysis and is further developing it with the help of the HRK (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz) through external consultancy.
JulyPhysical and Mental AbilitiesDisadvantage compensatory regulations for the improvement of the interests of students with disabilities and chronic diseases at HHU are decided and have been implemented in all examination regulations by winter semester 2017/18.
JuneDiversityHHU's Diversity Coordination Office (Direction: Dr. Sonja Wrobel) is established under the leadership of the Vice President for Strategic Management and Equal Opportunities as a permanent institution of HHU.
AprilInter-/Nationality and Culture"HeRA Lunch" is established for (international) junior scientists.
JanuaryInter-/Nationality and CultureA Welcome Service with guidance for international scientists at HHU was established by JUNO (Junior Scientist and International Researcher Centers).
Date/ MonthDiversity DimensionAchivement/Meilestone
DecemberEducationStart of "Your Way@Uni" by the Student Service to promote social diversity. Integrated comprehensive school students are encouraged within a two-year mentoring programme to be interested in going to study at a university.
NovemberDiversityThe President's Office has a Vice-President for Strategic Management and Equal Opportunities for strategic anchoring.
AugustFamily Circumstance and Life ConceptWith the event and the annually revised brochure "Perspective: Study and Family in Düsseldorf" HHU and HSD (College Düsseldorf) inform about measures to reconcile family and studies. Cooperation partners are among others the employment agency, the job center, the SSC (Student Service Centre), the equality office and youth welfare office of the city of Düsseldorf.
MaySexual Orientation and Gender Identity1. Campus Pride (CSD) at HHU organized by the Students’ Union and the autonomous departments.
MarchFamily Circumstance and Life Concept

Acquisition of "Mobile Parent-Child Offices" by the Family Support Centre to enable emergency care locally at the workplace.

Family Circumstance and Life Concept3rd successful re-application of the certificate "audit family friendly university".
Date/ MonthDiversity DimensionAchivement/Meilestone
DecemberPhysical and Mental AbilitiesEstablishment of a group for students with Asperger's Syndrome under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Franz (Commissioner for students with disabilities and chronic diseases).
DecemberPhysical and Mental AbilitiesIntroduction of permanent social worker positions to advise students with disabilities and chronic diseases.
NovemberSex and GenderResearch-oriented equality standards of the DFG (German Research Council): HHU achieves top mark (4).
OctoberPhysical and Mental AbilitiesAccessible campus tours are provided by the Advisory Office of the Commissioner for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases for all first-year students.
JulyPhysical and Mental AbilitiesEstablishment of a cooperation with the Competence Center for the Advancement of the Gifted (CCB), today: "House of Talents" by the Student Service Center.
Sex and GenderSuccessful re-application for the "TOTAL E-QUALITY predicate".
Date/ MonthDiversity DimensionAchivement/Meilestone
Sex and GenderEstablishment of Boys' Day and Girls' Day by the Student Service to encourage future university students to make gender-untypical study degree decisions.
Sex and GenderThe HHU security card is introduced by the Central Equal Opportunities Officer.
Physical and Mental AbilitiesThe Accessibility Department of the Students' Union (AStA) is founded.
Date/ MonthDiversity DimensionAchivement/Meilestone
NovemberEducationCooperation with Arbeiterkind.de is established by the Student Service to advise prospective students who would like to be the first in their family to study at a University.

Launch of iQu (integrated quality offensive in teaching and studies) in counselling of school and university students by the Student Service Center, taking into account diversity aspects, e.g. prospective students and students with a migration background, first generation students, with disabilities or chronic illness, with children or relatives in need of care, highly gifted people, international (also refugee) students, guest students, top athletes, peer-to-peer counselling within the framework of "schnuppern@uni" and "studi@schule".

Family Circumstance and Life Concept

Successful re-application of the certificate "audit family friendly university".

Physical and Mental Abilities

Public Private Partnership: internships for students with disabilities at the international cosmetics company L'Oréal in Düsseldorf are established by the Commissioner for students with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Date/ Month

Diversity Dimension


MarchWorldview and Religion

"Room of Silence" at HHU is established.

(undefinedPress release in German)

MarchEducationStudying without "Abitur": University admission for professionally qualified applicants without general higher education entrance qualification.
DiversityChat counselling and online coaching are offered by the Student Service Centre.

Family Circumstance and Life Concept

The babysitter exchange is set up. On this platform, seeking parents can send their request to babysitters, who have previously been checked for suitability by the Family Support Centre.

Family Circumstance and Life Concept

The first "FatherTime projects" at HHU (e.g. "FatherTime Calendar") are introduced by the Family Support Centre.

Sex and Gender

Successful re-application for the "TOTAL E-QUALITY predicate".
Date/ YearDiversity Dimension


2009Sex and GenderThe "COMEBACK Program" is established by the Central Equal Opportunities Officer to assist mothers with their career in science.

Family Circumstance and Life Concept

HHU is awarded the certificate "audit family friendly university".

2008Sex and GenderStart of the project "Meine Heine-Frau" (held every two years) to honor female HHU members through the Central Equal Opportunities Officer.
2007Sex and GenderFirst award of the "TOTAL E-QUALITY-predicate" for HHU.

Family Circumstance and Life Concept

The Family Support Centre (FamilienBeratungsBüro) is established.
2006Sex and GenderStart of the "SelmaMeyerMentoring Program" by the Central Equal Opportunities Officer to foster career promotion of women in science.
2005Sex and Gender"HEINE-NETZwerk" of female scientists and women in management positions at HHU is founded by the Central Equal Opportunities Officer.

Physical and Mental Abilities

"Early studies": Acquisition of academic achievements by particularly gifted future university students.
Date/ YearDiversity DimensionAchivement/Meilestone
1998Family Circumstance and Life Concept Holiday programs for elementary school children are introduced. Today the Family Support Centre offers a program for primary school children on seven holiday weeks per year.
1996Physical and Mental AbilitiesHHU elects for the first time a Commissioner for students with disabilities and chronic diseases, Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Franz.
1996Inter-/Nationality and CultureDepartment for international students of the Students’ Union (AStA) is founded.
1992Family Circumstance and Life ConceptThe booklet "Study with a Child" is published for the first time and is reviewed and revised annually.
1990Sex and GenderHHU gets a women's representative for the first time, Dr. Ariane Neuhaus-Koch.
1987Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityDepartment for lesbian and bisexual students (LesBi) of the Students’ Union (AStA) is founded.
1983Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityDepartment for bisexual and gay students of the Students’ Union (AStA) is founded.
1978Sex and GenderWomen's Department of the Students’ Union (AStA) is founded.
1975Physical and Mental AbilitiesThe Council of Employees with Severe Disabilities is established in order to create jobs for severely disabled people in cooperation with other agencies in the city of Düsseldorf.
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