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Volunteering at the HHU

The Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (HHU) offers its students a platform to quickly and easily identify a suitable voluntary position and to sharpen their personality profile through voluntary commitment. Volunteers have the opportunity to present their projects to the public and motivate students to work with them.

The HHU's volunteer guidelines (german) explain how to register as a provider of voluntary work. The criteria for acceptance as a provider and the criteria for issuing a certificate for volunteers are also specified.

This list will be supplemented in the future by further volunteer programmes, until then you are welcome to contact the Section Diversity for further information. If you want to register as a Voluntary Service provider or apply for a certification for your voluntary work please talk to the Section Diversity and your work provider.

*At these institutions you can receive a certificate for your voluntary work from the HHU. Proposals for the award of the honorary certificate must be submitted to the Section Diversity by the 30th of March or by the 30th of September of each year.

FAQ on volunteering

Only those activities offered by listed employers of voluntary work and which are exclusively in the interest of the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf are regarded as voluntary work. You will also find other information at www.asta.hhu.de/hochschulgruppen

Voluntary work can help you in your professional and private life. You can develop yourselves a network, close new friendships. At the same time, you can improve your job opportunities by training your social skills and acquiring soft and hard skills that are important for the job market.

As a volunteer you can receive the "Ehrenamtskarte NRW". Holders of this volunteer card can take advantage of numerous attractive discounts in all participating communities. Further information can be found on the project website of the "Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia" (MFKJKS NRW): http://www.ehrensache.nrw.de/faq/index.php In addition, we can issue certificates for voluntary work that benefits the HHU. The institutions you are involved in must be recognized by us as voluntary donors. Whether this has already been done, you can see in the description of the jobs or you can simply ask the management/the board.

The respective employer can help you with the coordination of voluntary work and university studies. It therefore depends on how you reach an agreement with the employer in the individual case.


You do not need any special previous knowledge to be able to carry out voluntary work. In the university groups and initiatives listed in the volunteer portal, experienced volunteers will usually be present who will be happy to give you support.

Volunteers are insured under certain circumstances. Volunteers should inform themselves about the possible coverage  in order to prevent committed persons from having to bear the risk of volunteering themselves. Further information can be found on the corresponding project website of the "Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia" (MFKJKS NRW): www.engagiert-in-nrw.de/service/versicherungsschutz/

Head of the Section Diversity

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