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Physical and Mental Abilities

This dimension refers to people with physical and/or mental disabilities or limitations and their need to be able to lead a self-determined life. It also includes exceptionally talented individuals and their abilities.

In the context of HHU, this dimension includes physical and mental abilities that each individual person possesses and contributes to HHU (talent development), meaning that it is not just a matter of compensating for disadvantages but also of fostering individual abilities in a targeted manner.

The “classic” part of this dimension is represented above all by the Employer’s Representative for Severely Disabled Persons, the Commissioner and Counselling Office for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases as well as the Disability Office and the Students’ Union.

At HHU...

work 149 employees with a disability.


December 2018

At HHU...

361 students received the "Germany Scholarship" in 2018.


At HHU...

the Council of Employees with Severe Disabilities has been existing for 44 years now (1975).


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