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Sex and Gender

This dimension refers on the one hand to each person’s biological sex, which is defined at birth and as a rule recognizable from physical features, and on the other hand attributes to specific traits, roles and rules of behavior within the sociocultural context (gender) that go hand in hand with a person’s biological sex.

In the context of HHU this means above all equal opportunities for men and women. This goal is actively pursued by the Central Equal Opportunities Officer and her deputies in the faculties as well as within the student body and central administration, the Students’ Union and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

At HHU...

57.8 % of the students and 47.7 % of the scientific staff are female.

Winter term 2018/2019

At HHU...

there are 37 C4 / W3 female and 146 C4 / W3 male professors working.

December 2018

At HHU...

the award of „My Heine-Woman“ exists for more than ten years now (2008).


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