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Date/ Month Diversity Dimension


WiSe 18/19 Physical and Mental Abilities New course concept of the Department of Educational Research enters the practical phase - Following on from the successful service learning seminar on the topic of refugee assistance held since the summer semester of 2016, the Department of Educational Research and Educational Management started the diversity initiative in cooperation with the HHU Diversity Team in the winter semester of 2018.
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06. July Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

"Toilets for everyone" at HHU. By rededicating some gender-specific toilet facilities to gender-neutral "Toilets for All", the HHU is setting a further sign of diversity and acceptance on campus.

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04. July Sex and Gender

HHU celebrates the tenth anniversary of "my HEINE-WOMAN". On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, "Heine men" were also awarded for the first time.

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28. June Education

HHU Program "Talents Welcome!" Berufskolleg Bachstraße is Düsseldorf's first official school regarding NRW talent scouting.

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05. June Diversity

The 6th German Diversity Day of the Charta of Diversity was successfully celebrated by HHU on campus. In addition to an information bazaar and a diversity image campaign, which was very well received, a film evening rounded off the well-attended event.

(Photo Gallery and Impressions Diversity Day 2018)

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23. April Physical and Mental Abilities

Central support for gifted students from daycare to university studies and careers in the "House of Talents". The existing municipal cooperation network is extended by cooperation agreements with the Heinrich Heine University, the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the Robert Schumann University of Music Düsseldorf.

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10.-11. January Diversity

Internal diversity awareness training for HHU employees and students is established by the Diversity Coordination Office and the University Didactics.

08.-12. January Diversity The first Students' Union Awareness Week under the motto "diversity and tolerance" is held at HHU.

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