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AStA (Students Union)

Target group: All students, especially representatives of the interest groups of the autonomous departments

Planning of events, consulting of students, representation of interests

Brief description:
The AStA is the highest representation of students at the university. The AStA is almost exclusively made up of students who, in addition to their studies, are involved in university politics, host parties, organize university sports, look after the student councils, provide the university with the most important information, offer advice, help and information or organize interesting political events.

Occupancy: approx. 60 persons
Duration: at least 1 semester

Nature, tasks, goals: Representation of the students' interests towards the public, politics and administration
Contact person: AStA Vorstand (Board)
Contact: AStA of the HHU, Universitätsstr. 1, 40225 Düsseldorf // vorstand@asta.hhu.de
Web presence: www.asta.hhu.de


Responsible for the content: