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Diversity at HHU

What does diversity mean?

It means that each person is unique due to certain physical, mental and sociocultural attributes. These different attributes should not, however, lead to exclusion, disadvantages or discrimination against someone. Diversity at HHU stands for the variety of different attitudes and perspectives that result from people’s individual attributes and lifestyles (= dimensions).

Since diversity is very important to HHU, there are many stakeholders at our university who are engaged in diversity in general or certain dimensions of diversity and responsible for initiating and implementing a broad range of related offers and services.


Diversity dimensions of the HHU

Diversity dimensions describe physical, mental and sociocultural characteristics that are (or can be) attributed to each person at birth.

They accompany each person his*her entire lifespan and help people to identify with themselves. Generally, each person as a rule has a specific nationality and a biological gender from birth onwards that might, however, change either at his*her own wish or due to certain circumstances. Dimensions such as “Family Circumstance and Life Concept” as well as “Age and Generation” alter over a lifetime and are accompanied by changing needs and abilities.

The specific diversity dimensions of HHU can be found below.


Diversity Dimensions in an interactive image map

Diversity wheel of the HHU with its eight Diversity dimensions, modifiedfor the HHU in line with Loden & Rosener (1991).


Head of the Section Diversity

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Dr. Inge Krümpelbeck
Heine-Center for Sustainable Development - Diversity, Environment, Health
Building: 28.01
Floor/Room: 01.18
+49 211 81-13301

Project Manager Section Diversity

Kübra Yilmaz
Heine Center for Sustainable Development - Diversity, Environment, Health
Building: 28.01
Floor/Room: 01.18
+49 211 81-14601

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