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German Comitee of the AIESEC e.V.

German Comitee of the AIESEC e.V.

Target group: Members are preferably young adults aged between 18 and 30 years

Mediation talks with interested parties, organisation of campus events,
Marketing activities, team management, accounting and sales activities for acquisition of local company partners, human resources development

Brief description:
Depending on the team affiliation, the volunteer member fulfils a certain job description, which is assigned to the areas of Sales, Finance, Talent Management or outgoing Global Volunteer Within the team, the necessary operational activities are managed. Once a year, the Board of Directors and team leaders are elected, who are also responsible for personnel development in the form of development meetings with each member, and for team organization.

Occupancy: Max. 35
Duration: 6 - 36 months

Nature, tasks, goals: Placement of international interns for international understanding and cultural exchange
Contact person: Marcel Brauner; Clara Bank
Contact: lcp.duesseldorf@aiesec.de
Marcel: 0177 325 96 96
Clara: 0172 706 98 64

Web presence: www.aiesec.de

Responsible for the content: