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Mentoring program for philosophy students

Mentoring programme for philosophy students

Target group: Mentees: Students of Philosophy and students of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - currently with a focus on students from the 5th semester of the bachelor's programme and in the master's programme. Mentors are mostly former philosophy students.

Objective of the programme:
The mentors provide the mentees assigned to them with insights into the professional world and advise them on concrete steps. - The mentees learn which of their competences are in demand in the professional world and how they can apply them there.

Description of the programme:
The mentoring program enables philosophy students to be accompanied by a practitioner through the final phase of their studies up to the start of their careers. Field report: http://www.philosophie.hhu.de/lehre-und-mentoring/mentoring/erfahrungsberichte.html

Capacity utilization: about 50%.
Duration: indefinite

Organized by: Institute for Philosophy
Contact: Prof. Dr. G. Vosgerau / Dr. M. Hühnerfeld
Secretariat Waiter, Building 23.32/U1.68, Phone 81-12321 ; mail:
Website: http://www.philosophie.hhu.de/lehre-und-mentoring/mentoring.html

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