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JASMIN Women's circle

Target group: women studying at HHU

Objective of the programme:
Strengthening the perception for a greater sense of belonging: "We do Good - together, creatively, socially, and for the future."

Description of the programme:
JASMIN is an acronym for "Young active female students doing inspirational things on the side". The intercultural and intersectional women's college group is led by students and has these goals: to stick together, to value each other, to inspire, to protect each other, to break down prejudices and to do good creatively together. Creative actions are developed, organized and promoted together.

Occupancy: 1 leader and 8 other committed  female students
Duration: at least one semester

Organized by: JASMIN Women's Circle HHU
Contact: Ann Jasmin Sema Wiesen & Gül Nur Bozkurt-Alezzo

Website: www.instagram.com/jasminkreisderfrauenhhu

Responsible for the content: