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November 2019

Diversity Prize 2020

Members and associates of the HHU can be nominated for the Diversity Prize until 15.02.2020! Representatives of all status groups - students, teachers and employees - will be honoured for their special commitment to diversity, equal opportunities and tolerance at the HHU.

Click here for more information.

Voluntary work at HHU

You would like to volunteer during your studies, but don't know exactly where yet? We have summarized the places that do voluntary work at HHU. Feel free to have a look, all groups are always happy for support. Click here for more information.

The list is constantly updated.

Cohesion in Diversity: Diversity Barometer of Robert Bosch Stiftung

This representative survey provides data on the attitudes among Germans towards various aspects, such as age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, and low socio-economic standing. More Information can be found here.

Number of the month: November

The number of the month: Over 2,000 students at the HHU have at least one child. This can be seen in the 21st Social Survey of the "Deutsches Studentenwerk". Help for students with children, information on further aspects of the dimension "family situation and life plans" and even more Facts and Figures can be found in the link in the bio.

Diversity Steering Committee

"We are HHU!" Under this motto the Diversity Steering Committee comes together. How do we sensitize teachers and administration? How do we reach students? What is happening in the area of diversity? And where is there still work to be done? Members of all HHU status groups regularly exchange ideas on these and many other issues, develop project ideas and give inspiration to the coordination office and thus support us in our work.

Behind the scenes

That's the team behind the scenes!
We build bridges, initiate projects, provide advice, support and information about diversity at the HHU.
Please visit www.diversity.hhu.de for further details.

Kick-Off of the second semester 1st Generation @HHU

The Buddy family is getting bigger and bigger! On Monday many new pairs were found for the new semester. In addition to introductions from SSC, the coordinating office and vice president Pfeffer, the buddies were able to get to know each other, resolve their first questions and team up for the next semester.

Sunny greetings into the autumn!

Diversity has an impact - even beyond the Diversity Day!
On that day we handed out small seed packets with bee pasture. Ours have already grown quite big. What do your flowers look like?

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