Welcome to HHU's Diversity Portal Pages!

Differences make us distinctive and unique, and we are all part of HHU!

Information on contacts and services relating to diversity issues can be found here under the heading "undefinedDiversity Dimensions" and in our "undefinedA-Z Diversity Glossary".

Variousness is what characterizes our campus. It is a source of new ideas, it furthers progress in our studies and in research, and it plays an important role for HHU as an employer and as an institution dedicated to education and research!

Everyone can help to promote diversity. Just click through our pages for information, and do your bit to make others aware of the value of diversity!

Respect and regard for others are the key to an appreciation of diversity and the avoidance of discrimination in all areas of study, teaching and in the workplace.

Sensitivity to the discrimination to which others may be exposed can be learned and put into effect. To find examples of best practice, as well as useful tips in relation to all aspects of diversity, click "undefinedAssistance and Learning". Click here for "undefinedHHU's Stereotype Photo Quiz".

Interaction and communication between all those who work and study at HHU are both desirable and necessary to break barriers down, and disarm prejudice.

Tolerance and openness are at the heart of what HHU stands for, as exemplified by the poet whose name it bears. And they are essential to ensure that discrimination and unfairness are shunned, and diversity is promoted, appreciated and experienced as a prerequisite of excellence.

You are HHU, and diversity at HHU can only be a lived experience if you are committed to promoting it. Use our "undefinedDirect Line" to get in touch with us and let us know your views.

Diversity Dimensions in an interactive image map to click on
Diversity-Rad_ENG_IM_25.Mai18 Persönlichkeit Bildungshintergrund Alter und Generation Familiäre Situation und Lebensentwurf Geschlecht und Geschlechterrolle Inter-/Nationalität und Kultur Körperliche und geistige Fähigkeiten Sexuelle Orientierung und geschlechtliche Identität Weltanschauung und Religion

HHU Diversity Wheel with eight Diversity Dimensions modified for HHU according to Loden & Rosener (1991).


Head of Diversity Coordination Office

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Dr. Inge Krümpelbeck

Diversity Coordination Office
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