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Sprachbuddies for refugees

Target group: Anyone who is interested in helping refugees learning the german language. The refugees are participants in the german classes at HHU to prepare for their studies at a university. Students, staff members, guest auditors of the HHU or external persons are welcome to contact us!

Objective of the programme:
Integration of refugees interested in studying by supporting them in their language acquisition

Description of the programme: During a period of at least three months all partners usually meet once a week for a conversation. The partners decide together whether the one-hour meeting takes place in person or over the phone/ internet. The contents of the conversation can be chosen freely. Everyday situations, cultural similarities and differences or contents from the course books of the participants can be discussed.
Our experience shows that not only the refugees learn a lot from the exchange!

Capacity: continuous capacity
Duration: continuous entry possible, for a minimum of 3 months

Organized by: Student Service Center - Coordinator of refugees
Contact: Janine Janus, M.A., MBA
Email: , Phone: +49 211 81-15915​​​​​​​
Website: www.hhu.de/refugees

Responsible for the content: