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Mentoring for international students

Mentoring for international students

Target group: International students and graduates* of the HHU in the phase of vocational orientation

Objective of the programme:
The international students and graduates of the HHU are supported in their professional and social integration by professionally experienced mentors and gain a practical insight into working life in Germany.

Description of the programme:
Mentoring for international students a trusting one-to-one relationship in which the mentors accompany the mentees. They support them with their own experience and practical tips from the time they study until they start their careers. The contents depend on the individual interests of the mentees, which are discussed together at the beginning. There is an upstream matching process so that a suitable tandem is created.

Occupancy: remaining capacities
Duration: until 31.12.2022

Organized by: International Office
Contact: Nina Berg
nina.berg@hhu.de, 0211 81-14739
Website: https://www.hhu.de/internationales/internationale-studierende-und-internationale-interessierte/begleitende-projekte/berufseinstieg/mentoring

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