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February 2021

What actually is... asexuality?

Asexuality means the absence of a desire for sexual interaction. Asexual people are not ( in general) disgusted by sex, do not have an aversion to it or are uptight. They just don't feel a need for it. Some asexual persons see no point in sexual contact, others find it annoying while still others find it unpleasant. Asexual persons do generally find other people - regardless of gender - quite attractive. Romance and tenderness are equally important and desired by many people. However, this attraction and physical as well as mental intimacy is not linked to sexual arousal.
In contrast to celibacy or other forms of abstinence, asexuality is not a conscious decision, but a sexual orientation that - like homosexuality - deviates from the "standard".

Sources and Further Information: www.netdoktor.de; www.aug.nrw

1700 years of jewish life in Germany

For at least 1700 years, Jews have lived in Germany. This is documented by an imperial decree from the year 321, which allowed Jewish citizens to be appointed to the city council. Antisemitism is mainly associated with the Holocaust, but this decree proves that thousands of years before, Jews were already legally disadvantaged and marginalized. Hatred of Jews was widespread - as it sadly remains to this day. 

You can find further information on the websites of the "Year of Celebration 2021" Initiative, the "Deutsche Welle" and the ZDF.

493 Days

On September 23, 2019, we launched the Coordination Center's work on Instagram. In 117 posts, we've informed, entertained, and provoked thought, connecting with many of you in a better way than we could have on campus. Over the next few weeks, things will be a little quieter around here on Instagram: there's a change of personnel coming up, and the Coordination Office will become the Section Diversity at the Heine Center for Sustainable Development (HCSD). Of course, we are still here for you and will remain reachable ().

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