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June 2020

McKinsey Report "Diversity wins"

The Diversity Report, published in May by management consulting company McKinsey, clearly states that diversity in the workforce is highly relevant. According to the report, companies with a more diverse workforce were able to financially outperform companies with less diverse staff. You can find the fullreport as a PDF here.


Recommendation for diversity sensitive Education

In order to do justice to the diversity at the university and the potential it offers in teaching, a didactic approach is needed in which greater attention is paid to diversity aspects. The „Recommendation for diversity sensitive Education” and the extended digital version are aimed at providing all students with a successful participation in the learning process. They are parts of the overall strategy of the President’s Office for the promotion of diversity conscious perspectives on the institutional levels of education, research and administration of HHU. The goal of this recommendation is to give lecturers the tools to further their diversity sensitive perspective.
The Download link for the recommendation and a brief outline of its contents can be found here, a full english translation is in the making.


Financial aid for students in distress

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is providing a total of 100 million euros in grants to help students who are in acute distress due to the corona pandemic. The grants are awarded through the Studenten- and Studierendenwerke ("student services"). Online application is now possible since last week, at www.ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende.de. Further information about how to apply for students of the HHU can be found at the Website of the student service, as well as an FAQ concerning the application process.


Diversity Prize 2020

On June 4th, the Diversity Prize 2020 was awarded to the three prize winners in a small ceremony. Laura Garcia Calderón, Tobias Koch and Damon Mohebbi are particularly dedicated to the topic of diversity: "In various functions, all of them have contributed to making the HHU a better place to study and work with their dedication to diversity, equality of opportunity and tolerance in teaching and studies," says Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeffer.
At diversity.hhu.de/diversity-preis, the three prize winners briefly introduce themselves, report on their motivation for getting involved at the HHU and their wishes and goals for the university.

The Career Service goes online!

The Career Service goes online! While the pandemic sometimes makes it seem as if time has stands still, for some it can also be a  chance to reorientate and prepare for the time after graduation. Anyone who has questions about application procedures under Social Distancing and future job perspectives will now find a guide to professional orientation from home and many events about job applications and interviews, professional orientation and the decision on whether to apply for a job or master's degree at hhu.de/careerservice. Have a look!


No racism on our campus

Discrimination against individuals or groups takes also place at our campus. As the Diversity Coordination Office, however, we are actively working to combat any form of discrimination and thus foster the potential of all members of the university. We all are HHU! In light of current events, it is therefore important for us to draw attention to the existing offers at the HHU: Both we and the Anti-Discrimination Office in the Department of University Politics of the AStA advise and support those affected and help students and employees to counteract racism. The complaints office in accordance with the General Equal Treatment Act pursues and sanctions reported discrimination. The International Office, together with the Erasmus Student Network, connects and supports foreign students and enables students of the HHU to interact with students from other countries.

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