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What does diversity mean? It means that each person is unique due to certain physical, mental and sociocultural attributes. These different attributes should not, however, lead to exclusion, disadvantages or discrimination against someone. Diversity at HHU stands for the variety of different attitudes and perspectives that result from people’s individual attributes and lifestyles (= dimensions).


16.05.19 First Diversity Prize awarded

On May 15, the Diversity Prize of Heinrich Heine University was awarded for the first time in the Diversity Steering Committee. The winners were Katharina Sternke-Hoffmann, Christof Neumann and Prof. Dr. Matthias Franz, who made a special contribution to the HHU as part of the diversity audit "Vielfalt gestalten"....

13.05.19 Diversity-Day 2019

On 28 of May 2019 the 7th nationwide Diversity Day will take place and the HHU will participate again!These activities are planned to show the diversity on our campus and to promote a cosmopolitan and respectful interaction with each other.From 11 a.m. onwards, all members of the HHU will be able to get to know the ...

08.04.19 The new Diversity Buddyprogramme started!

The Diversity Coordination Office will launch a new buddy programme at HHU starting during the summer semester 2019 . This programme is intended support first and second semester students who are the first in their families to take up university studies. It is intended that first and second semester students will be...

05.03.19 Milestone for the Diversity Management at HHU

At the 5th Diversity Forum on 20 February in Berlin, Professor Klaus Pfeffer, Vicepresident for Strategic Management and Equal Opportunities, received the "Vielfalt gestalten" (Shaping Diversity) audit certificate from the Stifterverband on behalf of the HHU.The Diversity Audit has produced new ideas and measures...

Diversity-Rad_ENG_IM_25.Mai18 Persönlichkeit Bildungshintergrund Alter und Generation Familiäre Situation und Lebensentwurf Geschlecht und Geschlechterrolle Inter-/Nationalität und Kultur Körperliche und geistige Fähigkeiten Sexuelle Orientierung und geschlechtliche Identität Weltanschauung und Religion
Diversity Dimensions in an interactive image map to click on

HHU Diversity Wheel with eight Diversity Dimensions modified for HHU according to Loden & Rosener (1991).


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